Two new additions to our family! Our roommate Justin and our kitten Merlin!

Well heres our new place!! It looks a little different now but not much, i think the only thing different is we got a couch.. We love it so much!


Long time no post huh?

sorry guys!! weve been so busy i kind of forgot all about this blog… whoops! 

but im gunna try to post pictures here of our new life in California we finally got our own apartment, jobs and a new roommate, our friend from back home, Justin! ill slowly start posting pictures so i dont flood your dashes! 

The drive to Santa Barbra was just as pretty

We explored Santa Barbra today! it was amazing and so pretty! We’ll definitely be going back there again

I finally got around to putting some of our footage of the road trip together into a coherent video! The clips are from New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, and California.

Thank you so much to all of the people who helped make this trip possible, and to all of our friends who let us stay with them along the way!

Our first Thanksgiving away from family! It was a lot nicer then we thought itd be. we figured we’d just eat sandwiches or something, maybe go out for chinese food. Well Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Alyssa’s (top) and my (bottom) new rooms! we have more stuff on the way so they wont be so empty for long!

I’ll get more pictures of the rest of the house tomorrow

More pics of California!

Day 10 home stretch Arizona to California!